5 Vacuum Cleaning Tips For Your Floor

After you're done tidying your house, there's just one cleaning no job left: Vacuum Cleaning the floor. The key to a neat, tidy and odour free household is a clean and sparkling floor.


Your floor is one area which always collects most dirt due to constant foot traffic and that's why it's essential to keep your floor clean. So, whether you have carpeted areas or hard surfaces, these floor cleaning will help keep your floors looking and smelling new.


Keep It Simple

The first and most obvious tip is to not make things difficult. Avoid external dirt coming into your house through your shoes and leaving traces all over the place. The simplest way to do so is by placing mats at entry points so that everyone can wipe their shoes before entering and avoid all unnecessary dirt and debris.


Develop a Schedule

Another simple tip for vacuuming your floor is to create a cleaning schedule. Whether it's once a week or on certain days of a month, maintaining a healthy vacuuming schedule will ensure that your floors are clean at all times.


 High traffic areas such as kitchens need extra attention and if you have pets that shed, you should vacuum more often than just once a week.


Occasionally Move The Furniture

Large items such as furniture are fine to be left at their places, however, occasionally you should move smaller furniture such as a coffee table or a couch so you can vacuum those hard-to-reach spots.


If you are unable to do so, try using the accessories which come with a vacuum and are very handy in such situations to suck up the dirt that has collected in those difficult spots.


Dust Other Areas First

You must dust all other areas of your home before you start vacuuming the floor. Dusting after you've vacuumed would leave the floor dirty and all the particles would just keep accumulating. In order to maintain a sparkling floor, use a vacuum and mop in one which is very handy equipment to have for a shiny looking floor.


Dust particles which weren't caught by sisters usually settle on the floor and this is when you start vacuuming. This not only helps vacuum the dust that has settled, but you will also remove the dirt which was already on the floor and carpet.


Multiple Strokes

In order to pull out dirt from your floor with perfection, it is advised to vacuum multiple times in the same area. It is also wise to go over stains from multiple directions to help pull out dirt more effectively. Cleaning with vacuum makes it easier to go over spots multiple times as it requires minimal effort compared to a mop or a cleaning cloth.


 This is extremely important if you own pets as it's a hassle to get rid of pet hair from your carpets and furniture. It is wise to go over carpets multiple times even if you don't own pets as it accumulates a lot of dirt and debris.


These tips will be an excellent assistance in vacuum cleaning your floors, all of them are tried and tested and use them for efficient cleaning and you can apply them using the ROIDMI Vacuum cleaner!