Light & portable Vacuum

Handheld Vacuum cleaner that can be carried with you


Low decibel


Long endurance


Charging and use


Lightweight and portable

Unexpectedly lightweight

Lightweight design with one body, only one bottle of

water in size and weight, lightweight and portable,

portable, available everywhere.







1.1 lbs lightweight design light and portable

Light unibody design with a modern appearance makes it the perfect travel accessory.

Perfect for all types of Traveling

The slim size of the mug is easy to put in the box,

and it is the angel that I guard my clean and hygienic.

Focusing on the details achieving excellent quality

The ROIDMI P1 is equipped with a lanyard at the end,

which is lightweight and hangs everywhere. Does not 

occupy indoor space. A cleaner and better life is at 

your fingertips.

Clean the desk surface easily

Folding magnetic multi-function tips, easy to deal with office scenes, the dust or debris on the desktop can be swept away by hand. Even the hardest-to-clean keyboard gaps make dirt easy to suck out.

Clean the desk surface handy

Folding magnetic multi-function tips, easy to deal with office scenes, the dust or debris on the desktop can be swept away by hand. Even the hardest-to-clean keyboard gaps make dirt easy to suck out.

Deep clean hotel bedding 

Eliminate mites and allergen

Before going to bed, vacuum bed can be used as a simple portable mattress Vacuum Cleaner, clean the sheets. You are no longer afraid of being affected by mites and allergens

Ultimate cleaning companion In the car

ROIDMI P1 Cordless handle Vacuum Cleaner has strong suction force, which can instantly absorb dust, hair, soot, food residue and other small-sized debris. No any dead angle, and truly realize the car from the inside out, a new look! Satisfy all the beautiful fantasy of quality travel. Hair Dust Cigarette ash Dust mite

Quick cleaning of clothes

Before going out, gently remove the dust, hair, dander, 

pet hair sticking to the clothes, keep the clothes clean 

and new, meet your little cleanliness, and only do the 

elegant style of high-end quality life.

Power Suction

Efficient Cleaning Handheld Vacuum

Magnetic foldable head directly cleans the deepest corners

Magnetic foldable suction head with a strong sealing affect makes storing and opening easy and safe, effectively preventing the dust from spilling. Easily empty the dust bin by rotating the suction head and taking filter element out.

110k rpm digital motor 75% suction power increased

ROIDMI P1 Pro is newly upgraded, equipped with a high performance 110k rpm high-speed brushless digital motor. The powerful suction leaves dust, debris, and dust mites with nowhere to escape.

Three powerful lithium battery cells Strong power comes from a strong battery

Equipped with high-efficiency three-cell lithium battery, each cell having a capacity of 2000mAh, battery life can be up to 20 minutes under full charge, with two modes to choose from for the best cleaning depending on the environment.

25-Min Long Endurance

Efficient filtration of fine dust particles to expel purified air

The filter is effective with microscopic dust as small as 0.3 μ m, bacteria and other pollutants, effectively preventing dust backflow when expelling the clean and fresh air.

Ultra wide-angle LED lighting

Leaves dust nowhere to hide

The super-large wide-angle LED lighting illuminates every dark corner.

The power switch is

also the power indicator

Washable filter

always producing clean air

Lanyard compatibility

carry it everywhere

Flexible head with built-in brush