Limited Warranty

This Limited Warranty does not override your statutory rights that cannot be waived or limited by contract. 

Consumers are free to make a warranty claim under this Limited Warranty. They may also exercise their statutory consumer rights.

Our authorised channels are the websites that are registered by the Roidmi group of companies; and (b) any store registered in the name of a Roidmi entity on online marketplaces (together, the Stores). 

Regretfully, we can't determine the authenticity or original condition of products sold through other channels. Hence, we can't provide warranty service for those products

a. What our limited warranty covers

We warrant the following:

● The Product you bought will match the descriptions we gave you when you contacted us, or through our Stores;

● The quality of the Product will be reasonably satisfactory; and

● The Product will fit your particular purpose if we promised that the Product would meet a need you told us about, based on our records

b. Steps

1. Send an email to "support@roidmi.ca" with either your order number if you purchased the product on our website or Amazon, or your receipt / invoice if you purchased the product at our authorized retail stores.

2. Once confirmed the purchasing information, our warranty team will identify the issue with the information provided.

3. Once it is confirmed as defected unit, Roidmi will send a replacement part and detail replacement instruction to you and the shipping will be covered by Roidmi CA.