How to Clean Your Carpet on Stairs Using Handheld Vacuums?

Vacuum cleaning carpet on your stairs might not sound like a big ask, however, it can get a bit tricky at times if you do not use the right handheld vacuum and tools. To keep your stair carpet looking fresh and new, you must clean it regularly by vacuuming it. So, to make it easier, here are some of the best ways to vacuum your stair carpets efficiently.


5 Tips To Assist You in Vacuum Cleaning Carpet!


  1. Remove Big Items

Before you start vacuuming, make sure you remove all large scraps of debris or paper to avoid nozzle blockages. Look for large pieces on the corners of stairs as that is a place where such things usually gather up. Use a brush before vacuuming as it will get rid of the extra debris and loosen the dirt in carpet fabric.


  1. Pick the Right Tools

You can use any vacuum cleaner for your stair carpets as long as it has strong suction power. Usually, a handheld vacuum is advisable as it is lightweight and portable and most suitable for stairs but be sure that it is powerful enough to pull out dirt from carpet fabric. Get a beater bar attachment and soft brushes if your carpet has small piles.


  1. Top to bottom

Always start from the top most stair and work your way downwards if you are using an upright vacuum as it can be tiring to carry it up step by step. Also, this would cause dirt and dust on your shoes and vacuum base to gather up on the carpet again. Your efforts might go in vain.


  1. Effective strokes

Make slow and pressed strokes while vacuuming. This would help pull out most of the dust. Stroke in the opposite direction of carpet weaving going back and forth and use a crevice tool on a vacuum hose and clean the edges with it. Corners and edges usually capture most of the dust and you must give them extra attention while vacuuming.


  1. Finishing off

In the end, use a beater bar and go for subtle strokes for a deep clean. Remember to clean the vertical side of the staircase as it is one place which people usually forget. If your vacuum comes with a pet hair tool, use it instead of a beater bar. Because of the small size, it gives a much deeper clean, is also subtle on the carpet and would not tangle and damage the carpet weaving.



This is one of the best and easiest step by step guides for cleaning your stair carpets and keeping them looking fresh and increasing the lifespan of your carpet. One additional tip for keeping your stair carpet good as new is to shampoo it using a carpet shampoo once every few months to get rid of the maximum amount of dirt and maintain the shine of your carpet. Get a ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum and get to work!