How to Properly Vacuum Your Car?

As soon as you get into your car, take a moment to see what is in it. Depending on the season, you might have leaves in the floor mats, dirt in the carpet or even fallen confetti in your backseat.

Vacuuming is a necessary chore in your car. The last thing you want to do is drive around without vacuuming and get the detritus sucked back into your air vents while you drive. Below we will discuss five ways on how to vacuum your car properly so that the process is quick, efficient, and will yield the best results.

5 Ways To Vacuum Your Car Properly

  • You Should Have The Correct Tools!

In order to vacuum a car perfectly, you will need a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner along with different types of brushes and attachments which come along with a vacuum. These will help you remove dirt from difficult parts of your car's interior without causing any damage as some come along with soft brushes and narrow tubes which will provide ease of cleaning. Get wide attachments for larger areas such as the car floor.


  • Remove Unnecessary Items

Make sure you remove all the trash caused mainly by items such as paper bags, wrappers, cans and bottles which can cause pungent odour as well. Also, personal items left inside can have a bad impression on the people sitting in the car making you look sloppy as well as making the car look dirty. Check floor mats, door pockets and storage spaces while cleaning to make sure there's no unnecessary item in the car.

  • Vacuum all the Loose Dirt and Grime

Vacuum your car thoroughly and make sure you pull out all loose dirt. Vacuum every possible area that your handheld vacuum can reach including seats, mats and seat covers and shake off all the dirt from your mats for a tidy look. Use narrow attachments for reaching areas under the seats and other difficult parts and wider attachments for large areas such a car floor to save time while vacuuming. Use smaller attachments and brushes for pedals and areas like instrument cluster and around gear knobs.



  • Start by Dividing and Cleaning

For hassle free cleaning, vacuum your car in sections. Vacuum difficult areas first so that once you're done cleaning you can easily clean the larger parts while pulling out all the excess dirt that has settled down from narrow spots. One area which people usually forget is the fabric on car ceilings. Use a soft brush to loosen dust particles and vacuum in the direction of the fabric weaving.

  • Remove Carpet Odours

A smelly carpet can make any car feel unhygienic. A quick and easy solution for this could be by using baking soda or by spraying air freshener on the mats and letting it rest for a few minutes before vacuuming. Use powerful vacuums to extract debris and spill and brush your mats before vacuuming. Make sure you don't leave empty cans or bottles on the mats to avoid droplets getting absorbed.


Get started with vacuum cleaning your car and make it clean and smelling fresh using powerful vacuum cleaners like the ROIDMI Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner!