ROIDMI X30 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

ROIDMI X30 Pro Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi's ecological chain company ROIDMI has recently launched ROIDMI X30 pro vacuum cleaners in China. It is an upgrade with a vacuum and mop established in one design. This new device's power, suction, and battery life is top-notch and proves value for money.


ROIDMI X30 has utilized technological advancements to its best. The sleek design with an OLED display makes it an attractive purchase. It consists of several functions like mopping and cleaning that will make your life easier.

The vacuum cleaner comes in two shades of grey – darker space gray and a lighter space grey. It is fitted with a NEX-V bush on the surface that has a bumpy texture to brush up all the dirt in the crevices of the floor.

The display on the vacuum cleaner is what stands out the most. The screen reveals the battery life of the cleaner so that you are well aware of the remaining battery when to charge your device and how long it will work.

Moreover, the photosensitive vacuum cleaner headlights make it convenient for you to keep your house clean. You can detect even the tiny bits and pieces that may otherwise escape your notice through these headlights.

Hence, this can be called one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners due to its endless features and convenient facility.


Pro X30 can run for 70 minutes without demanding a recharge. The device has a total power rating of 435W, giving it an excellent battery of 2500mAh/72Wh.

This vacuum cleaner charges via a magnetic wireless charging system that can fully charge the machine within 2.5 hours. The charging disc can be mounted on the wall, and the cleaner can be easily attached to it magnetically when on charge.


ROIDMI X30 pro is the best cordless vacuum cleaner as it measures up to Dyson V11, which has 185 AW of suction and is known to be the best cordless cleaners globally.

The perfectly designed cleaning head and a lightweight design enhance the vacuuming power and make it easy to work with. This 2.7 kg vacuum cleaner is highly comfortable to use.

The bin that is attached to this device is simple to open and throw out all the trash. The heap-grade filter can be taken off quickly, washed, and then connected back without any extra effort.


The X30 pro vacuum cleaner is a smooth convertible device. It comes with several valuable add-ons such as a soft brush, crevice tool, compact mattress head, and a motorized main head.

Since this device also provides the vacuum and mop in one feature, the buyers also get a bar-shaped mop head accessory. This accessory can be linked magnetically to the back of the vacuuming head. You can easily connect the vacuum and mop heads at the same time.

Additionally, there is also an extension hose and a pet brush provided with the vacuum cleaner itself. It can be used to clean your pet with any dirt or mites present within its furry body.