What are the Different Ways to Use a Vacuum Cleaner?

What are the Different Ways to Use a Vacuum Cleaner?

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy vacuuming or you just do it because it’s necessary but a vacuum cleaner can do so much more than removing dust from your furniture and floors. Let’s find out the surprising uses of a vacuum cleaner and handheld vacuums around your household! Keep reading.

You Can Capture Pet Hair!

Are you tired of the pet hair that sticks to your carpets, rugs and even your coats? Handheld vacuums are the solution! Now you can use these portable vacuums and remove pet hair from your quilts, storage closets, winter coats, bedspreads and even couches. Before throwing off your clothing items in the washing machine try doing this and you’ll observe how your washing machine doesn’t get clogged anymore.

You Can Prevent Fires:

Vacuum cleaners can be used for multiple ways one of which is to remove excess lint which is a leading cause of fires caused in homes. You can now vacuum your carpets and surfaces and clean the lint off. You can also get it out from your dryer vent system and from the dryer itself, unplug the dryer and turn the gas line off and then use the cordless vacuum to reach the vent area and even under the appliance. You can also open the outside housing which is at the back of the dryer and vacuum all the lint that’s wrapped.

You Can Recover Tiny Items:

Have you dropped something like a precious earring, a screw, or even a nail behind furniture that you cannot move on your own? Quickly grab your vacuum, by attaching a piece of mesh over the crevice tool and tying a rubber band around it. You can easily aim for the item that you have lost suctioning it from the vacuum and easily trapping it against the mesh cloth and easily finding the tiny item.

You Can Make Your Home Smell Amazing:

Do you want to clean your home and want it to smell amazing after the vacuum cleaning? You can easily saturate a ball of cotton in your favourite essential oil and even spray it with your perfume and drop it in the vacuum bed or vacuum bag. As you begin vacuuming the scent will be released gently and can easily freshen up the air. How refreshing!

You Can Ice Out Carpet Dents:

When rearranging the furniture, you can easily see carpet dents, place the ice cubes on these pesky reminders and wait for a few minutes so they can melt. The water encourages the fibers in your carpet to go back to their original shape and after it dries out a bit you can vacuum the semi-wet spots and bring them back to their upright position. How convenient!

You Can Vacuum and Mop in One:

Your vacuum cleaners don’t just serve the purpose of getting the dirt away but they reach the nook and cranny which a traditional mop can’t. These vacuum cleaners are a two-in-one tool and assist you in keeping your homes safe. How convenient!