What are the Main Differences between Traditional Vacuum and Portable Vacuum?

What are the Main Differences between Traditional Vacuum and Portable Vacuum?

Vacuuming is an essential part of cleaning each household; for years, people have been using traditional vacuum cleaners, but with updates in technology today, you’ll see so many people purchasing portable vacuum cleaners and giving up the traditional ways? Is it worth it? Let’s find out!

Traditional Vacuum Cleaners Vs. Portable Vacuum Cleaners:

Traditional Vacuum Cleaners have been used for years by quite a few people for cleaning their homes. But is it worth it now that our lives have become so fast that we need something quick and easy to clean the large areas and perform well in small spaces?

  • As impressive as traditional vacuum cleaners were in the past, these seem like a huge burden and stress now. The biggest problem is attaching the plug, the wire is long, but at some point, you can’t stress the vacuum cleaner enough, and since it gets detached from the power, it stops working. Traditional Vacuum Cleaners are a constant hassle; you need to unplug and plug in constantly.
  • The plug isn’t the only issue; another con is its heavyweight; yes, that’s right, the vacuum is too heavy! While cleaning your attic or maybe your room upstairs, you need to carry up this heavy cleaner and then when the cleaning is done, bring it down again. This makes this cleaner quite unconventional!
  • The electricity consumption of traditional vacuum is relatively high, and with you cleaning at least twice or thrice a week, trust me, the bills are about to go up!

With that being said, a portable vacuum cleaner sounds like the perfect idea now. Let’s find out why you need to invest in a portable vacuum cleaner.

  • Portable vacuums are also known as the stick vacuum, are the perfect quick fix to all the dirt and dust in your home. It’s portable and cordless; that’s right, it doesn’t require a cord and shouldn’t be plugged in to use. Instead, it needs to be powered by a good pair of batteries as instructed, and it can work for as long as the battery powers it. Such a relief! This means it’s pretty convenient to use; with nothing holding it back, you can easily manage to carry it in the whole house, from the basement to the attic to your upstairs room; no plug is required, which makes it hassle-free.
  • Another added benefit of using a portable vacuum cleaner is its weight; it doesn’t feel heavy. The cleaner is light in weight and isn’t heavy at all! Cleaning sounds less of a burden now.
  • With traditional vacuums, did you find it hard to reach smaller areas? Well, that’s not the case if you are using a portable vacuum cleaner because this reaches in the smallest spaces and cleans off the stubborn dust pretty quickly and easily!


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