What Is the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2022?

What Is the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2022?

Finding the best cordless vacuum cleaner can get overwhelming at times. Multiple vacuum cleaners are available with various features that you need to examine and choose for your home.

We have reviewed and short-listed the latest cordless vacuum cleaner offerings of popular brands such as ROIDMI Z1 Air, ROIDMI X30 Pro, ROIDMI X20, Dyson V15, and ROIDMI P1 Pro. To discover the insights of these cleaners, keep reading.


This ROIDMI vacuum cleaner with 110W suction power and 60 minutes of endurance is one of the best vacuum cleaners out there. It is a digital brushless motor that proves to provide a powerful cleaning experience to the users.

This device is safe to use as it has an external protection circuit and a thermal protection system installed for the consumers' safety. ROIDMI Z1 Air is designed with two physical and two cyclone separation filtration systems that capture the dust inside, making the air outside fresh and dust-free.

The suction process is noiseless, and the soft roller brush is specially designed for tiles and wooden floors. This lightweight design has a significant volume dust cup that releases dirt easily.


The ROIDMI X30 Pro has an OLED smart color screen that helps you view the cleaning information for easy control. It is a sturdy technology with a suction power of 150W that makes the cleaning experience convenient.

There is a ZiWei sterilization system that keeps sterilizing the whole machine efficiently. It is designed with vacuuming, moping, and sterilizing capabilities that provide an all-in-one experience. The new structure is adapted for all types of carpets and floors.


This ROIDMI vacuum cleaner has a double cleaning design with a mop, and the vacuum is one. This 12,000rpm brush-less motor improves the suction power by 30%. The cleaner has an Air-X air dust separation system to avoid the congestion that keeps the air fresh and healthy.

The six-layered filtration acts as a double purification of the rear and front filters. You can use it to deep clean the whole house as the battery lasts up to 65 minutes which is enough to cover large spaces at once. This classic design also comes with a magnetic wireless charging option which is easy and convenient for the users.  

Dyson V15

The Dyson V15 is an excellent addition to your cleaning routine. Its fluffy brush rolls and the laser dust detection technology reveal even the tiny dust particles invisible to the naked eye.

This vacuum cleaner generates up to 230 air watts of suction and has a 5-stage filtration option that captures 99.9% of the dust particles. The Piezo sensor and LCD screen also display the size and number of particles collected.

Lastly, the anti-tangle hair screw feature helps keep the pet hair from getting stuck, which is extremely helpful for pet owners.


The ROIDMI P1 Pro is an effective small-sized cleaning tool suited to suck out the dust from compact spaces. It has a tube-like design that can sit on your desk and help you clear out small crumbs and dust particles.

The LED light option illuminates the space and helps you check whether the cleaning procedure has taken place properly or not. It comes with a USB-C cable through which you can charge the device. It takes 2 hours to charge it thoroughly, and it works for approx. 30 minutes.