What Makes Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Preferable?

Vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleaning large areas quickly but often they are too bulky and not suitable for confined places. A handheld vacuum is portable and can reach places that a normal vacuum cannot. These are relatively smaller compared to traditional vacuums and because of their portable size, they come with their benefits.

So, let's discuss some benefits of handheld vacuum cleaners and learn why they are so preferable for vacuum cleaning with ease!


5 Reasons Why Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Preferable


Most handheld vacuums weigh less than 3kgs and while this may vary from model to model, they are all reasonably lightweight. This makes it easy to carry them around the house as well as up and down the stairs for a prompt on the spot cleaning. This is very favourable for elderly people who may find it difficult to carry bulky traditional vacuums.



Most handheld vacuums are less than half the size of their bigger equivalents, with some being so tiny that they can nearly fit in your pockets. Their tiny nature makes them great for confined living places as they can be easily stored in the pantry, shelf or corner of a closet or even in a kitchen cabinet.



As it will get your average cleaning job done, with all its accessories and tools it can practically clean almost every spot you want. From tiny spaces between the wall and furniture to cleaning under the seats of your car, it can suck dust and dirt from almost every spot and the brush attachments will help you get rid of cobwebs in ceilings and piled up dirt in vents, blinds, ceiling corners and the list will just go on as the possibilities are endless.




Due to their compact size, one would naturally think that they might lack power but that is true in this case. Although the performance would vary from model to model, you can still find a handheld vacuum that packs a punch. As long as you choose the right one based on your needs, you would generally not be disappointed with your purchase. Just to make things easier, buy one with at least 4 amps so it picks pet hair and dust clots swiftly while keeping your vacuum runs to the minimum.




One of the most important benefits of a handheld vacuum for many is the overall affordability and low price point. Although the prices may vary depending on the model and quality. You can easily buy one for around $70 or a bit more if it comes with attachments which will still be worth the price, given all its quirky benefits.



A handheld vacuum is the best handheld vacuum and can turn out to be your go-to cleaner and would simplify your day-to-day cleaning. It might be small but will get all your jobs done. From cleaning small messes in your home to detailing your car, there are many benefits of owning one!